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Flaky scallion pancake, Taiwan's vertical pizza丨Eating in Taiwan

A classic street food in Taiwan, flaky scallion pancake has become one of our most popular snacks among locals and foreign visitors. Based on urban legends, Taiwanese flaky scallion pancake is the combined product of Shandong’s swirl pancake/zhua-bing and Tianjin’s scallion pancake/Cong-You-Bing, both originated from China. Habitually in Taiwan however, flaky scallion pancake is served with fried egg and optional toppings such as basil, ham, bacon, cabbage or cheese as well as additional species such as soy sauce, pepper and hot sauce. It is most commonly sold by vendors on the street and as a quick take-out-to-go type of food.

Eating in Taiwan - Flaky Scallion Pancake by Like It Formosa - Taipei Food Tour

Despite its roots from China, flaky scallion pancake is now one of the signature street food in Taiwan that is served at any hour of the day - ranging from breakfast to late night snack. After being re-invented and refined for over 3 decades, flaky scallion pancake was “rediscovered” by Chinese tourists in Taiwanese night markets in the early 2000s and re-introduced to their people back home. It then quickly became one of the most representative Taiwanese dish to all international consumers. While delicious alone, flaky scallion pancake is most popular and nutritious when served with fried egg as its classic topping, and is usually eaten through a paper bag without being cut into smaller pieces.

Eating in Taiwan - Flaky Scallion Pancake by Like It Formosa - Taipei Food Tour

In summary, flaky scallion pancake shares the common trait of all Taiwanese cuisine - originated elsewhere, but refined and remade by the Taiwanese people, before finally becoming a classic dish known world-wide. Sold almost at every street corner and at every night market in Taiwan, we consider flaky scallion pancake in its best form on the street instead of in a fancy restaurant or indoors - we only hope you enjoy it as much as we locals do!

Eating in Taiwan - Flaky Scallion Pancake by Like It Formosa - Taipei Food Tour

Taipei Food Tour丨Taste All Kinds of Taiwanese Signature Dish in One Single Tour

Traveling in Taiwan? Why not have a lunch with us!

On our Food Tour, Like It Formosa takes you to one of the most popular flaky scallion pancake vendors of Taipei in Yongkang street by Dongmen Station. There is usually a long queue waiting, but you will get VIP access if you’re with us! The most popular one they have is Flaky Scallion Pancake with egg and their special sauce - and they do it in the blink of an eye, so take your photo quick or you’ll miss it! The pancake is served hot in a paper bag, and customers are advised to eat it while it’s still warm and delicious!


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