There is nothing more delicious than dumplings!丨Eating in Taiwan

Labeled with different names such as Gyoza, Jiaozi, Samosa, Wonton, or Mandu in common Asian culture, Taiwanese Dumpling is also one of the local signature dish that shows our uniqueness as well as connection with neighboring communities. The dumplings now commonly seen in Taiwan were in fact not a regular type of food until recently. Before 1945, the most common local cuisine in Taiwan had derived from Southeastern China, with some touch of Japanese influence. After 1949 however, immigrants that relocated with ROC government to Taiwan brought their own regional cuisine from China - namely formerly lesser-seen dough-based cuisine from northern provinces. After decades of reinvention and repr

Do you know Taiwan is the Kingdom of Fruit?丨Eating in Taiwan

Taiwan - dubbed “Kingdom of Fruit” - is much praised for our farmers’ creative and ingenious ways to engineer agricultural technology. In fact, for every month of the year, you can find one kind of fruit (or more) that is in season! From common yet delicious kinds such as banana and strawberries to lesser known types such as custard apple, guava and wax apple, farmers in Taiwan always deliver the best of the best! When in Taiwan, you will have to throw away your own acquired concept of “fruit”, as our farmers have somehow found ways to orchestrate and genetically modify the plants - to make the fruit bigger, sweeter and of course, better! For example, you might see categorizations of fruit

Election Season in Taiwan

While the result of the midterm local nine-in-one election (as well as 10 referendums!) from last Saturday is still hot and heavy in Taiwan, non-Taiwanese that have visited the island for the past three months might have been confused by the scene. Sure, Taiwan can be a bit crazy and chaotic even on a normal day, but Taiwan during election season is something else! In today’s blog post, Like It Formosa introduces you to the Five level of behaviors that political candidates do in Taiwan to show how much they care about the people and the city - and of course, to win the election! 1. Lurking Flags and Posters For starters, visitors in Taiwan will notice posters, flags and portraits of local ca

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