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2019 World Music Festival in Taiwan

Haven’t you heard? World Music Festival @Taiwan is back!

For the fourth time, 2019 World Music Festival Taiwan is happening in Taipei, this year taking place at the Dajia Riverside Park from October 18 to 20, 2019. Hosted by the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, Ministry of Culture, 2019 World Music Festival @Taiwan is expected to be an exciting event that invites a great number of both international and Taiwanese artists for performance, and everyone is welcome to join in with the annual celebration!

Overall, the festival will oversee 20 performances, 4 dance workshops, 5 international lectures, 1 showcase performance and a grand bazaar with over 100 stalls. What is more, Spanish

Hairstyling Group OSADIA will be participating for the first time EVER! Don’t miss this chance to experience interactive hairdressing and leave with a unique piece of art at the top of your head!

Following are some highlights that festival attendees might be interested:

Selected International Performances

2019 World Music Festival @Taiwan will see a wide range of international artists and troupes that were carefully selected by Wind Music from 4 continents across the globe, gathered together to offer the most fascinating performance to their audience in Taiwan. These artists include Auļi, the award-winning bagpipe and drum music group from Latvia, and The

Raghu Dixit Project, one of India's best contemporary folk bands, as well as others from France, Hungary, Estonia, Mexico, and China. The event this year also features cross-cultural groups, such as Mathias Duplessy & the Violins of the World and the distinguished Taiwanese Pipa player Chung Yufeng teaming up with Swedish folk trio Sotali. Through these performances, the festival aims to blend cultures, borders and communities with our common love for music.

Award-winning Taiwanese artists

The 2019 festival also introduces the showcasing of 11 Taiwanese performing acts, several of which are performed by past winners of the Golden Melody Awards. Among these talented artists are aboriginal R&B singer ABAO, the contemporary Hakka and Minan music band ZiXuan & Slow Train, Taiwanese singer Hsieh Ming-yu & Pun Car Band, and aboriginal singers Paudull, Wu Hao-en and Nanwan Sisters. With such a combination of artistry and gifted voice, these Taiwanese artists are determined to bring you a taste of local diversity and creativity expressed through our unique style of music.

Lectures, Workshops and Showcases

A collection of lectures, workshops and showcases related to music will be offered on site to all festival attendees. Lectures such as "All About Curating International Music Festivals” and “Chung Yufeng & Sotali’s Crossover Music Journey” are given as in-depth instructions to those who are interested in the development and organization of music festivals and activities. Workshops, on the other hand, are designed for attendees to participate and learn about the different types of music and dances, offered by both indigenous and foreign communities.

Electronic Crossover Music Night

For the much anticipated music night, 2019 World Music Festival @Taiwan presents the world famous DJ Cookie - the first Taiwanese female DJ that has made into international stage who is known for genre such as pop, house, electro, and techno - to host a night party with features of new-generation Atayal vocalist Yagu Tanga and saxophone player Pikong Wu. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this amazing performance - You are sure to experience a musical fusion unlike any other!

Last but not least, the Grand Bazaar

As mentioned above, the Grand Bazaar of 2019 World Music Festival @Taiwan will welcome over 100 stalls for festival attendees to frequent. This year especially, the Grand Bazar is set up with elements of originality, diversity and foreignness in mind. In music bazaar, creative bazaar and food bazaar, attendees are free to partake in original handicrafts, food and musical instruments from various countries as an interactive way to leave memorable impressions of their festival experience.

Now after reading these exciting previews of the activities, don’t you feel like booking tickets for the festival already? Sign up for presale-tickets today, or buy them at the door - make sure you have a place at the 2019 World Music Festival @Taiwan!

For detailed information on volunteering program and other festival programs, please visit official music festival website:, or follow the event on Facebook: @worldmusicfestivaltaiwan.

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