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12 Districts of Taipei City (Part 2)

Welcome back to Hack It Formosa! In our last video, we talked about the five districts in Taipei city that are well visited by travelers (SEE HERE: 12 Districts of Taipei City (Part 1)), which leaves us seven more in the total of twelve districts. In this video, we will show you the remaining seven, which are considered further away from the center of Taipei: looking for a relaxing getaway from the busy streets? You won’t want to miss this episode!

The twelve districts of Taipei City by Like It Formosa - Taipei Free Walking Tour

The Twelve Districts of Taipei City

6. Shilin District

Shilin District of Taipei City by Like It Formosa - Taipei Free Walking Tour

Taking the MRT red line towards the northwestern direction (Tamsui), you will soon find yourself in the middle of Shilin District. Here you will find the famed - as well as notorious- Shilin Night Market. Yes, it is the most famous night market in Taiwan and yes, it is still the biggest night market you can find size-wise. If you ask any local, however, you will hear nothing but complaints about their overpriced food and selective attitude - depends on your nationality or appearance as a tourist! Fortunately, there are still many to see in Shilin District other than the night market. If you happen to be interested in history, culture and politics, don’t miss the acclaimed National Palace Museum (where Chiang Kai-Shek stored many of the treasured goods from China), the Grand Hotel (where Chiang Kai-Shek hosted parties for his guests) and C.K.S. Shilin Official Residence (where Chiang Kai-Shek lived), all just around the neighborhood!

7. Beitou District

Beitou District of Taipei City by Like It Formosa - Taipei Free Walking Tour

A bit north to Shilin District is Beitou, best known for its natural hot springs. Back in the Japanese era and thereafter, Beitou District prospered quickly with its high number of bathhouses, hotels and “special services” thanks to the popularization of hot spring among the Japanese visitors. If you are not one to enjoy waterside activities, you can also indulge in the aroma and fresh air up in Yangmingshan National Park - where you can find the highest point of mountain in Taipei. Nevertheless, you can never be too cautious in Beitou since Yangmingshan Mountain is in fact a dormant volcano itself!

8. Wenshan District

Wenshan District of Taipei City by Like It Formosa - Taipei Free Walking Tour

Getting too worried about the volcano exploding? You will be safe in this next district on the list - Wenshan District. Wenshan District is the furthest place you can get in Taipei from the volcano, and is on the end of the MRT brown line. Need more attraction to come here? Come visit the Taipei Zoo in Wenshan District for their cute animals such as panda, koala bears and Taiwanese monkeys! Last but not least, you will find our former president, Ma Ying Jeou here as well.

9. Zhongshan District

Zhongshan District of Taipei City by Like It Formosa - Taipei Free Walking Tour

Known as “Little Japanese Neighborhood”, in Zhongshan District you will see the leftover - as well as ongoing - cultural influence of Japan in Taipei since the years of colonization (1895-1945). Additionally, this is the closest thing to a Red Light District in Taipei. Trying to find a bar or pub specifically tailored for your sexual preference? Zhongshan District will grant you your wildest fantasy!

10. Songshan District

Songshan District of Taipei City by Like It Formosa - Taipei Free Walking Tour

Songshan, not Zhongshan, it makes a great difference! Songshan District is where the Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) is located in, where you can fly for shorter distance domestically over Taiwan or to Japan, South Korea and China. Songshan District is also home to the fancy Minsheng Community, where it is too mainstream to be accessible through a MRT line!

11. Nangang District

Nangang District of Taipei City by Like It Formosa - Taipei Free Walking Tour

Being a traveler to Taipei, you might not know much about Nangang District. If you happen to come for business or educational reasons, however, you might be coming to this area a lot! Here in Nangang District, you will find the Academia Sinica, the National Research Center of Taiwan and Nangang Software Park, where many industrial companies have their headquarters. Additionally, Nangang is also the district in Taipei with the least population, perhaps to allow scholars and engineers to focus better on their important work?

12. Neihu District

Neihu District of Taipei City by Like It Formosa - Taipei Free Walking Tour

Don’t know much about Neihu District? Worry not, you’re not alone! Among locals, Neihu is known best for its residential areas and Neihu Science Park. If you do learn any additional information about Neihu, feel free to share with us in the comment below!

Now that you know where to go, where to eat, where to have fun, and where to meet us in Taipei, best of luck exploring the city during your stay! Or even better, join us on our tours, three routes everyday, to hear more detailed stories about the city!


Enjoy our introduction of Taiwan anytime, anywhere!

Walk with us in Taipei and meet us in person!

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