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  • See the local religious life that has been shaped through history

  • Explore Zuoying - the oldest developed area and the first political center of Kaohsiung city 

  • Observe the much-celebrated hybrid community in Taiwan - when all religions exist and respect one another in harmony!


Zuoying is one of the main cultural and historic hubs of Kaohsiung, known for its earliest-established community in the region due to old military base and township. On this Religion Tour, you will not only be able to inspect the different gods that are worshipped in Taiwan, but also witness the perfect harmony between the spiritual aspect of local population and their ongoing, urban life in modern times!


Every Thu / Sat / Sun 15:00 meet up with guide

Meeting point: Entrance of Dragon and Tiger Pagodas (before the bridge)

Our guides are recognized with a green and white paper fan saying "Like It Formosa".


1. Lotus Pond

As the name suggests, the pond is named for its abundance in lotus. It’s one of the reasons that CNN travels says “Why Kaohsiung should be on your travel list.” It’s also said to be the place with perfect Feng Shui and in turn has attracted many temples to be established nearby - some temples in the area are more than three centuries old!


2. Cih Ji Temple

A Taoist temple, Cih Ji Temple is the sacred place where Baosheng Emperor is worshiped by his believers. Baosheng Emperor was once a famous doctor, and was made into a god of medicine and health after his death. Besides hearing stories about Baosheng emperor, here we will also show you the correct way to worship gods in Taiwan, and how to get your prescription from the god of medicine.


3. Dragon and Tiger Pagodas

The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas were built upon Feng Shui orders. In the pagodas, you will be able to see art that depicted the good and bad - the good models of humanity that we should all follow, and the result of bad behaviors in life if we fail to be good. Here is a good chance for you to learn about our ideas of traditional filial piety, and the image of a Taiwanese Hell!


4. Chi Ming Temple

Established in 1899, Chi Ming Temple is an example of Taiwanese hybrid religious life. Here you will be able to see gods that are worshiped across religious sects and professions: Confucius, the Thunder God and Lightning Goddess, Sakyamuni Buddha, the Jade Emperor, the Door Gods and Guan Yu the God of War - a loyal and brave hero from Chinese folk tale. Additionally, you will also learn about how gods possess humans in Taiwan - not for scare but for communication!


5. Spring and Autumn Pavilions

The Pavilions were built in 1953, but some parts were completed only in 1982. Inside the pavilion, there is also the blessed water from Guanying Bodhisattva, and a beautiful bridge built as a reception to the deities. Don’t miss the chance to take a panorama photo of Lotus Pond from the iconic architecture built on water!


6. Statue of Xuantian Emperor

At 22 meters high, this statue is the tallest God Statue on Water in Southeast Asia. Xuantian Emperor derived from astrology religion and keeps his sword and posture even today to fight the evils in the modern times. If you’re lucky, you might be able to see and hear some Karaoke nearby - they’re here to entertain the god!


Every Thu / Sat / Sun 17:30 tour ends


Every Thu / Sat / Sun 15:00~17:30

Or, book a private tour!


2.5 hrs​

Meeting Point

Entrance of Dragon and Tiger Pagodas (before the bridge)

(No. 9, Liantan Rd., Zuoying Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan)


Tip-based. Pay what you want!

Guide to tipping:

  • Nice: NT$300~400

  • Great: NT$400~500

  • Awesome: NT$500+

Meeting Point
Important Notice

1. Booking is required to join the tour.

2. The guide is recognized with a green and white paper fan saying "Like It Formosa".

3. Please wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a bottle of water or an umbrella if needed.

4. This tour is wheelchair, stroller and kid-friendly.

5. This tour will take place rain or shine. However, if Kaohsiung City Government announces a day off because of natural disasters, the tour will be canceled and you will be notified via email one day in advance.

6. If you are joining this tour with a group of more than five people (5+), or a group arranged by travel agencies, please fill in our private tour request form to customize your needs. The idea of our free walking tours is to show the city to individual travelers and small groups, and is not suitable for last minute big groups. If no advance notice or booking is made, Like It Formosa and our guides reserve the right to refuse your participation in our tours.

7. In the event of emergency situations, please call the guide or message our Facebook Fanpage.

8. Anything not covered hereunder, Like It Formosa reserves the right of final modification.

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