Off the beaten track,

into the legends of gold.

  • Discover the hidden Jiufen Town that is only known to locals
  • Experience the near extinct gold-prospecting skills unique to Taiwan

  • Spot the breathtaking panoramic view of coastal-hill regions


Jiufen, probably already on your bucket list of must go places, is one of the most renowned cities among travelers to Taiwan. Once the most dominant gold mine city of Asia under Japanese colonization, she enjoyed prominence even well into the 1950s. For decades, Jiufen was celebrated for its luxurious life style, grandeur of its temples and theaters, and the size of its visitor crowds. Today, Jiufen is mostly appreciated for its local cuisine, the coastal views of North Taiwan, and its relation to popular movies such as Spirited Away and A City of Sadness. However, on this fascinating route, we take you to the unknown side of Jiufen away from the clustered tourist sites - Come with us on this tour to travel back in time and see the authentic Jiufen Town in its golden years!


2:00PM Meet up with guide

Meeting point: 7-Eleven at Jiufen Old Street entrance

Our guide is recognized with a green and white paper fan saying "Like It Formosa".

1. Fushan Temple

Fushan Temple is home to the God of Earth in Jiufen, where residents and mine workers used to come and worship for better luck during the Gold Rush Era. Even today, locals believe that the gods here are still guarding them with things other than material gold. Here in Fushan Temple, you will also find wooden statues of naked women as built entertainment for the gods, which symbolized Jiufen region’s comparably liberal society in old-time Taiwan.

2. House Crossing Lane

In comparison to the popular Old Street of Jiufen, house crossing lanes are the disclosed alleys only known to locals. At this site, visitors will be able to see the architecture features of Jiufen, and how the local population built their lives under harsh circumstances during the Gold Rush Era.

3. Songde Park

Songde Park is a packed site of breathtaking views and local history. Be sure to snap some shots of the panoramic coastal-hill outlook while listening to our tour guides tell origin stories of the local elite of Jiufen - the Yen Family.

4. Tunnel Entrance

Hand-carved and built in the 1930s, this tunnel was the entrance and exit of transportation to Gold Town Jiufen during its most prominent years. Movie-loving guests might also find this site familiar due to similar appearances of tunnels entrances in Spirited Away.

5. Jiufen Gold Ore Museum

The Jiufen Gold Ore Museum is owned by the son of a former miner, and was founded in hope to build a legacy of Gold Town Jiufen. Here guests will be shown the unique gold prospecting skills only used in Taiwan, and hear stories of Jiufen community told by the museum owner.

6. Shengping Theater

At the last stop of our tour, we take guests back to the Shengping Theater on Jiufen Old Street to show the past and present difference of the famed gold mine town. Afterwards, guests are free to explore Jiufen with their own eyes.

4:30PM Tour ends


Regular tours suspended.

Book a private tour if you're interested!


2.5 hrs

Meeting Point
  • Adult: NT$600

  • Children under 7 years old: NT$300

Recommended Transportation

BUS 965: 60-min ride. NT$90 one way.

1. From MRT Ximen Station: Take exit 2 and walk straight for 100m past Zhonghua

    Rd. & Changsha St. intersection, then you’ll see the bus stop

2. From MRT Beimen Station: Take exit 2 and you’ll see the bus stop

BUS 1062: 70-min ride. NT$85~101 one way.

1. From MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station: Take exit 2 and you’ll see the bus stop

2. From MRT Songshan Station: Take exit 4 and you’ll see the bus stop


Please get off the bus at “Jiufen Old Street” and you’ll see the meeting point (7-11) straight ahead!

Important Notice

1. Online registration closes 16 hours before the tour starts (10PM on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). Travel insurance is included.

2. The guide is recognized with a green and white paper fan saying "Like It Formosa".

3. If no people register or if either the Taipei City Government or the New Taipei City Government announces a day off because of natural disasters, the tour will be canceled and you will be notified via email one day in advance and receive a full refund.

4. This tour is not wheelchair friendly.

5. In the event of emergency situations, please call the guide or message our Facebook Fanpage.

6. Anything not covered hereunder, the Organizer reserves the right of final modification.

Cancelation Policy
  1. Full refunds will be issued for cancelations made at least 7 days prior to the tour.

  2. 50% refunds will be issued for cancelations made 1 - 6 days prior to the tour.

  3. No refunds will be issued for cancelations made on the date of the tour.

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