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  • Taste all kinds of Taiwanese signature dish in one single tour

  • Learn to eat like a local while listening to stories behind the food

  • Visit the most famous culinary neighborhood in Taipei


Taiwan is considered by many to be the heaven for gastronomes due to our creative and prolific ways to pleasure one’s palate. From local street food to luxurious delicacy, Taiwanese cuisine reflects the geographic location of our island as well as our tumultuous historic development - which has blossomed into an abundant and dynamic food culture after hundreds of years of development. Through our Food Tour, Like It Formosa takes you to the much celebrated Yongkang Street at Dongmen Station of Taipei, where guests will be shown a glimpse of the Taiwanese gourmet culture that locals take pride in. You are advised to come with an empty stomach, as it will be an afternoon that not only opens your eyes but also challenges your appetite!

Know Taiwan - the nation of street food and snacks - at the tip of your tongue: There is no better way to learn about a culture other than tasting it!

Every Tue / Thu / Sat 11:00 meet up with guide

Meeting point: Exit 1, MRT Dongmen Station

Our guide is recognized with a green and white paper fan saying "Like It Formosa".

1. Seasonal Fruits

Our Food Tour starts off at the hidden traditional market, where we introduce you to the tasty seasonal fruits of Taiwan, dubbed “Kingdom of Fruit”.

2. Dumplings

Often considered an extension from Chinese and Japanese culture, but Taiwanese dumplings have their own unique taste (and traditionally, along with the hot and sour soup).

3. Bubble Milk Tea

The most identified local pride when it comes to Taiwanese cuisine. Don’t miss your chance to have an authentic one here!

4. Flaky Scallion Pancake

Never miss out the both flaky and al-dente Taiwanese scallion pancake when at Yongkang Street. With our help, you will have special access to this popular snack spot without a queue!

5. Taiwanese Vermicelli

Another prominent street food for Taiwanese locals. The vermicelli is served with intestines and the optional coriander. Don't forget to add some black vinager in order to experience the soul of this authentic street food! 

6. Beef Noodle

Now a famous dish for worldwide gourmets, Beef Noodle had a humble beginning that started from Post-World War 2 military family villages in Taiwan. Every year, Taipei city hosts a competition for residents to vote for the best Beef Noodle in the city!

7. Taro & Mango Shaved Ice

Last but not least, Our Food Tour takes you to one of the hidden gems of Yongkang Street for the glorious Taiwanese shaved ice. With the options of taro, mango or other season fruit, this taste will sure leave you a lasting impression of Taiwanese food!

Every Tue / Thu / Sat 13:30 tour ends

Every Tue / Thu / Sat 11:00~13:30

​Or, book a private tour!


2.5 hrs​​

Meeting Point

NT$1,800/person (10% discount for a group of 3 or more!)

Meeting Point
Important Notice
  1. Online registration closes 12 hours before the tour starts (11:00PM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Travel insurance is included.

  2. Please specify your dietary restrictions upon registration. It is important to note that dishes included in this tour may contain allergens like nuts, milk, and other common allergens. While substitutes are available for most dishes, not all requests can be fully accommodated.

  3. This tour is vegetarian and vegan friendly. However, please be aware that strict dietary adherence cannot be guaranteed because cooking procedures may vary according to different restaurants and vendors.

  4. The guide is recognized with a green and white paper fan saying "Like It Formosa".

  5. If less than 2 people register or if the Taipei City Government announces a day off because of natural disasters, the tour will be canceled and you will be notified via email one day in advance and receive a full refund.

  6. In the event of emergency situations, please call the guide or message our Facebook Fanpage.

  7. Anything not covered hereunder, the Organizer reserves the right of final modification.

Cancelation Policy

1. Full refunds will be issued for cancelations made at least 7 days prior to the tour.

2. 50% refunds will be issued for cancelations made 1~6 days prior to the tour.

3. No refunds will be issued for cancelations made on the date of the tour.

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