About Like It Formosa

Like It - pronounced similarly to “to come” in Taiwanese.

Formosa - “beautiful” in Portuguese, a nickname for Taiwan in the 16th century

Like It Formosa gathers a group of people who not only have a deep passion for Taiwan, but hope YOU will fall in love with her too. Come and explore the beauty of Taiwan with us! Together we show the world the best this island holds.

Like It Formosa

Like It Formosa is a walking tour company founded in 2015. We are dedicated to promoting what we call “cultural tourism.” Our mission is to help tourists on any budget to explore Taiwan to the fullest. By taking foreign guests on our walking tours and casual hangouts, we present the diversity and wonder of Taiwanese culture in the most informative and entertaining way.


Like It Formosa offers:

- 3 free walking tours: tip-based downtown tours led by our young local in-the-know tour guides, popular attractions and hidden corners included, quality and entertainment guaranteed;

- 1 theme tour: this tour provides a more focused introduction of Taiwanese culture, showing you the most interesting bits of Taipei;

- city map (Taipei Edition): our Taipei Map includes everything you need to know traveling in Taipei. It guides you to multiple spots recommended by locals and provides practical tips you otherwise wouldn’t know


We are looking to initiate more theme tours/events and to expand beyond Taipei. Additional funding is needed to develop these ideas beyond concept stage.

What Does Like It Formosa Do?


We offer donation-based Taipei Free Walking Tours in downtown Taipei to give you an overview of the city and theme tours for you to discover the city from different aspects. These tours are all led by our local in-the-know passionate tour guides!


Designed for a more pleasant and convenient stay in Taipei, our Taipei Map includes all the information and fun facts about this city, taking you to places others don't and telling you practical tips you'd otherwise never know!


Everyone is a part of a story, and we know everyone loves a good story. We tell good stories about Taiwan on our Facebook Fanpage, blog and our Storytelling column, introducing Taiwanese culture in a funny yet educational way!



5F.-4, No. 172, Changchun Rd., Zhongshan Dist.,,

Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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