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Talk about Ghost Month

We're in the middle of the Chinese "Ghost Month", which is the 7th month of the lunar calendar. In our believes in Taiwan, the gates to hell is open during this month and loads of hungry ghosts are released to the world, making this month in the year particularly tricky for us. Check out these top 10 ghost month taboos listed by Focus Taiwan and illustrated by LIF's very talented designer! Leave us a comment if you learn something or just adore these pictures!

1. Don't go swimming.

2. Don't go out alone at night.

3. Don't whistle, especially at night.

4. Don't sit in the front row of Gezaixi shows.

5. Don't pick up money on the street.

6. Don't hang clothes outside to dry.

7. Don't turn your head around if someone pats you on the shoulder.

8. Don't kill rare insects in your house.

9. Don't lean against the wall.

10. Don't pee on a tree.

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