10 Things You Didn’t Know about Taiwan

Taiwan, Republic of China, Chinese Taipei, Formosa... However you refer to her, one thing is for certain - this beautiful island is definitely worth visiting! To fall deeper in love with Taiwan, we'd like to tell you 10 amazing things you probably didn’t know about Taiwan!

1. How big is Taiwan? – Bigger than Belgium!

Taiwan has an area of 35,883 square km2, slightly bigger than Belgium (30,528 square km2) However, Taiwan has a population of over 23 million, while there are only 11 million people living in Belgium.

2. Taiwan is the 10th most densely populated country on the planet!

Taiwan has 648 inhabitants/km2, ranking 10th on the list of most densely populated country. In Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, the figure goes up to 9,939 people/km2! (Comparing with NYC, the most crowded city in America, NYC has 10,640 ppl/km2.) Quite a horrifying figure huh? But no worries. As one of the most popular and urbanized countries in Asia, the crowded feeling you would expect is actually easily fixed by well-constructed public transport system and super kind and helpful locals. You don't really feel uncomfortable or smudged traveling in Taiwan. That's how we got crowned as the top place for solo travelers!

3. Taiwan Baseball Team Ranks 4th in The World!

Baseball, an exhilarating word to all Taiwanese! When we talk about baseball in Taiwan, most would know that it is considered to be Taiwan's national sport. But did you know that Taiwan's national baseball team actually ranks 4th in the world? According to the International Baseball Federation, Taiwan is just behind Cuba, USA and Japan in sequence. Taiwanese baseball season often starts from March and the final game is usually in the last week of October. If you're a big fan of baseball, why not take a visit to one of our stadiums and enjoy a good game?

4. Taiwan is the 4th Highest Island On The Planet!

Travelers always love to visit the highest mountain or the tallest building to enjoy a fantastic view. For examples, Mountain Fuji in Japan (3,776m) and Dubai Khalifa Tower (828m) are both known worldwide for the magnificent views from their altitudes. But did you know that Taiwan is actually the 4th highest island on the planet? The peak of Mountain Jade (Yu Shan) is 3,952m high, which is higher than both of the places we just mentioned! Yu Shan is located in central Taiwan, Nantou county. With a panoramic view of the overlapping mountains, Yushan National Park is well known for its scenery during sunrise and sunset, and the view of a sea of clouds unraveling before your eyes. If you're also a mountain-climbing lover, welcome to Taiwan for an unforgettable hiking experience!

5. Taiwan was once home to 26 distinct native languages!

“What language do you speak in Taiwan?” “Mandarin? What’s that? Isn’t it a kind of fruit?” Aha, Have you heard the same question before? The official language in Taiwan is “Standard Chinese”, also known as “Mandarin Chinese.” Apart from Mandarin and Taiwanese, Taiwan was actually once home to as many as 26 different native languages! “Formosan Languages” is the name for these aboriginal languages. Although most of the Formosan languages are slowly being replaced by Mandarin Chinese, this amazing fun fact shows the distinctive face of Taiwanese history!