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There are many reasons why people fall deep in love with Taipei. One of them is the fact that this city has the perfect mixture of urban living and natural wonders. Imagine this: while you stroll along the small lanes downtown, you suddenly find yourself surrounded by flourishing trees and chirping birds. Then you climb up a hill and a majestic Taoist temple with a spectacular view of Taipei 101 unfolds in front of you. Sounds like a wonderland, doesn’t it?

You can explore this real life wonderland by joining our exclusive Nature Tour. Let us take you to the locals ' favorite spot for hiking and a panoramic view of Taipei. Be ready to get fascinated by the serenity of mother nature and religion in this bustling city!

Important Notice

1. Registration closes 12 hours before the tour starts.

2. Personal information will be used for travel insurance.
3. Please wear comfortable shoes for a 20-minute hike.
4. Please prepare a bottle of water. (Water fountain available throughout the tour)

Taipei Free Walking Tour / Nature
Taipei Free Walking Tour / Nature
Taipei Free Walking Tour / Nature
Taipei Free Walking Tour / Nature
Taipei Free Walking Tour / Nature

Sunday 8AM

Private Bus Pick Up Point

8:00AM Exit 5, MRT Ximen Station

8:10AM Exit 6, MRT Zhongshan Station

8:20AM Exit 3, MRT Nanjing Sanmin Station


4 hrs

*The private bus will drive you back to your selected pick up point before 12:00PM

This tour covers...
  • Free private bus transportation

  • Travel insurance

  • Bishanyan

  • Kaizhang Shengwang Temple

  • Baishihu Suspension Bridge


Tip-based. Pay what you want!

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