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While the Western world saw the Roaring Twenties as an age of sustained prosperity with a distinctive cultural edge, the 1920s was also an important decade here in Taiwan, especially for the most prosperous part of this island at the time -- Dadaocheng.

The Tea, Fabric and Classic Taipei tour walks you through places where Taiwan’s tea and fabric trading business started to boom, and gives you a peek of how Dadaocheng has transformed over the years into a creative hub where traditions clash with innovations. Moreover, the tour offers a valuable chance to experience the authentic Taiwanese tea culture in a fine teahouse! Join the tour and explore the golden age of Taipei with us!

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Request for private tour organized for group of 3 or more.

Meeting Point

3 hrs

This tour covers...
  • Yong-Le Fabric Market

  • Watsons Pharmacy

  • Xia-Hai City God Temple

  • Lee Chun-Sheng Memorial Church

  • Chen Tian-Lai Former Resident

  • Di-Hua Street

  • South Street Delight Tea House


Regular: NTD500

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