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Your Local Tour Guides

Not just your guide, but also your local friend in Taipei. Knowledgeable, confident, charismatic and above all have outstanding presentation skills. Our guides will share their perspectives of the city throughout the tour.  They are passionate about Taipei and take pride in sharing it with others.

Shirley Kao
Occupation: Software Product Manager
Language: Mandarin, Taiwanese, English, Japanese
Interests: Chinese Philosophy & History, Spirituality, Gourmet
When I reflect what is the meaning of life I know it's our relation with people and this world that matters. This is the way how we perceive who we are. Taiwan is like a pearl on the ocean where multiple tribes, cultures and possibilities reside in together. If you come here, you will feel her mercy and silent peace. I am one of the messengers who is under obligation to promote her beauty to you. Welcome and enjoy your journey here as well as your life. Cheers!
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