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Your Local Tour Guides

Not just your guide, but also your local friend in Taipei. Knowledgeable, confident, charismatic and above all have outstanding presentation skills. Our guides will share their perspectives of the city throughout the tour.  They are passionate about Taipei and take pride in sharing it with others.

Manuel Frick
Occupation: Software Engineer / MSc Computer Science student
Language: Swiss German, German, English, basic French and Chinese
Interests: Travelling, cycling, Asian ( especially Taiwanese) history and culture
I came to Taiwan last October to study Mandarin and apply for a Master degree. Taiwan is a small country just like Switzerland, where I'm from. If I had studied in China, I would have only been familiar with the province I lived in, instead of the entire country and its culture as a whole. 
I was introduced to the fascinating history and the unique culture of this amazing island on the tours of Like It Formosa. My interest grew with each tour I attended and they raised my desire to learn more and to share these interesting experiences with other visitors. So I applied to become a tour guide for LIF. I hope that sometime soon I'll get the chance to meet and guide you through Taipei, the place I now call home.
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