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Your Local Tour Guides

Not just your guide, but also your local friend in Taipei. Knowledgeable, confident, charismatic and above all have outstanding presentation skills. Our guides will share their perspectives of the city throughout the tour.  They are passionate about Taipei and take pride in sharing it with others.

Becky Liu
Occupation: graduated from NTU (International Business major )
Language: Native Chinese, Fluent English, very Basic French
Interests: Yoga, Swing Dance, Ballroom Dance, starter  of tennis and squash.

Love visiting museums, love chatting with people and hearing stories.

Special love for mystery stuff like ancient Egyptian culture, Nessie in Loch Ness, Super fan for Harry Potter, BBC series Sherlock , Downton Abbey, HIMYM, Madam Secretary.

My name is Becky, most of my friends described me to be the opposite of an introvert. I just came back from my one year exchange student life from England and currently studying International Business in NTU. I've tried free walking tours in Edinburgh and Dublin, finding it a fascinating way to get to know a city and meet local people.  I'd love to meet you all and show you  the beauty of the city where I was born and grew up, even though there's still plenty for me to explore as well,I'm thrilled to do it together with you!

Taipei is a very condensed and powerful city, no matter to look it from the culture frame or geographical view.  You can travel to tranquil mountain or sunny beach from city center in less an hour. Here, you can experience Chinese, Japanese, SE Asian as well as the unique Taiwanese culture!

In my walking tour, I'll mostly be telling stories, historical, funny and urban legend(id there's any!), and I'll give you some basic knowledge of Taiwanese history, folk and pop culture and the complicated story between Taiwan and China!

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