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Your Local Tour Guides

Not just your guide, but also your local friend in Taipei. Knowledgeable, confident, charismatic and above all have outstanding presentation skills. Our guides will share their perspectives of the city throughout the tour.  They are passionate about Taipei and take pride in sharing it with others.

Alan Liu
Occupation: Sports Journalist/Anchor, focusing on football
Language: English/Chinese, and a little Spanish and Japanese
Interests: Jazz, I listen to all kinds of jazz ranging from the big band in 30s to modern jazz. Bebop and cool are my favorite types. Charlie parker, John Coltrane, Miles Davis... you name it ...also listen to some indie pop and rock music.Football, Arsenal fan since a long time ago.Travelling, ultimate destination : South America.
I am always energetic in the things I LOVE. Travel, music and football are my favorites but I'm willing to learn new things as well. Love talking to people from different countries and cultures. Those things I learned from friends is always interesting and influence my life in different ways.
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